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Welcome to my Website.
If you want to get/stay in touch there are e-mail adresse and phone numbers, if you need some information about skills have a look at work or if you are just interested in some cool stuff then fotos, tools and services are your sections. Some sections are under actual development and creation (like every webpage).

During my last stay on Mein Schiff 1 (Mein Schiff Geo Tracking Website) some new fotos are available.

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about me

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Hello world...

...is the beginning of any language learning process.
I was born in Munich (Maistrasse) as Aquarius (ascendent: Twin) I took my first breath 32 years ago. I'm around 1.9 m (75.6 inches) @ 80kg (176 lbs) and I am a keen IT guy with a distinct curiosity.

Some creatures I met in my life took me to where I am now. I am happy!
Many people crossed my paths just for a small moment, some of them brought me abroad and others were standing behind me over the years - in case of emergency as well in front of me. A couple of creatures accompanied me as well.
Those who can't participate so much anymore, because I'm in Timbuktu, Switzerland, on a vessel, on a plane or down at the Andes actualising the page via satellite mobile phone, I want to tell a bit about my journey called life.

To some of them I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the experience:
Kristina Weber, Christiane & Hermann, Christian, Anna-Vera, Anna † & Gustav †, Steffi & Erich, Marta † & Herbert †, Sol † & Zapatino ?
Janina Alexandra Lucero, Angel & Nelly Lucero, Juan-Cruz Lucero

Doreen Jana Kümpel, Mario Gomes, Josie Bumann, Ferdinand Strohmeier, Erna Robi, Romi Carnot, Philipp Buchgraber, Robi Anthamatten, Alain Locher, Felix Boss, Lukas Dambach, Martin Snehotta, Nadja Schock, Jeremy Ward, Rolf Hammann, Barbara Schartner, Sigi Ertl, Willy Flor, Federico E. Zampaglione, Donald R. Kemper, Donald A. Kemper, Agustina Lucia Caruso, Regina Ulrika Hinding, Wiebke Busch, Renato a Marca de Donatz, Pierre Magios, राजीव Bircher, Bea Nissl, Janina Klimsa, Sabri Keser, Patrik Dettling, Leandro Gaston, Hanna Hampl, Cintia Baravaglio, André Meier, Andrea Stadler, Martina Hamann, Bernhard Müller, Marcello "Papo" Papola, Daniel Landgraf, Gregor Schröder, Rupert Simoner, Monika Díaz, نوري Dine, Wolfgang Bilek, Susann Noetzold, Verena Janka, Tony "Safety" Wenzel, Pablo "Puto" Cerqueira †, Michal Šimko, Anja Wischer, Florian Auer, Luisa Scholz, Sascha Mörz, Tamara Koch, Tomislav Simundič, "Master" Remko Irving Fehr, Manfred Kiefer, Jan Popovič, Mariel Collado, Nedzad Sacirovič, Sarah Becker, Dirk Baecker, Alexandra Pfaffinger, Mostafa Saremi, Maria Chau Tran Thuy, Gregor Kirsch, Virginia von Hoff, Roland Dorfner, Yvonne Kleemann, Bernhard Lacroix, Andreas Fischer, Virgina Lang, Betina Welter, David Jedralčic, Tina Peters, Bettina Blandin, Robert Reichel, Till Gatermann, Cüneyt Koyouncu, Mattias Roock, Jens Mätzig, Melanie Mösslacher, Florian Kirsch, Laszlo Kiss, Ramona Kriegelstein, Jessica E. Clark, Birgit Abel, Gernod Lammel, Jing Wang, Andrea Zahn, John Kamao, Gerald Haberhauer, Wolfgang Mardo, Bonke von Ahnen, Dominik Lefevre, Siw Stadelmann, Simone Hausmann, نبيل El-Housni, Monika Engels, Marco Vargiu, Valerie v. Weitershausen, Christian Niedermeyer, Marta Luisa Acosta, Nilo Sausmekat, Anne Skrzypale, Mara Turic, Abi Hadzič, Robert Dill


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"We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too. [...] Many years ago the great British explorer George Herbert Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it.
He said, "Because it is there.""
John F. Kennedy at Rice University 1962

Therefore my final target is far away!

My work has its fixed place in my life, progress and development is my drive, so status quo without optimization is my biggest enemy. In my opinion anything else is necessary than cessation in this industrial sector. That's why: never change a running system but parallel optimize the next one. Or in other words: change is the only constant variable.

However I prefer long term employment I like the milestone challenge of projects and short-term fire-fighting. Except Germany I work all over the planet including areas of crisis.

some skills:

anterior partners and employers:

You can request a Resume viacontact.A full skill sheet can be downloadedhere.


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MS1_Sun SunSetAtSea



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Here are some tools to download:

  1. Huawei e180 UN branded installation pack to use all SIM cards

  2. 1. Download ZIP
    2. Extract to a folder of your choice (eg. C:\drivers\e180)
    3. run (right click, as Administrator) DataCard_Setup for x86 or DataCard_Setup64 for x64 (if you don't know what x64 or 64-Bit is take x86)
    4. after installation is complete plug in your stick the first time and wait until the drive appears.
    5. start ResetDevice.exe in C:\drivers\e180 (also as Administrator), unplug your stick, wait at least 30 seconds and replug your stick.
    6. open computer management (right click on your computer, manage) and go to device manager
    7. locate the 2 exclamated HUAWEI Mobile and update the drivers with the one in C:\drivers\e180\drivers (right click, update driver, browse computer, locate folder)
    8. download the profile file to have a good start for several worldwide telcos with apn and settings.
  3. Profiles for several network providers for Huawei e180
    (save under %PROGRAMFILES%\Mobile Partner\UserData)
9. Have phun online. No Dashboard needed, no Firmware - the trick is the changed Sysconfig in bin.dat

Provided as it is. NO Warranty. NODeeJay ;-)


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Alexander P. Weber

short term ICT consulting
and long term IT employment
Alexander Weber
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